Emanuela Stevanella

Through art and drawing, Emanuela Stevanella wants to portray an alternative world, with no rules, prejudices, or rigidity.
She wants to let her creativity and her desire to communicate arise, transforming everything around her.


After her Art Institute diploma – specializing in Architecture, she attended stylist and modeller courses, became a makeup artist and graduated in Fashion Design at San Raffaele University. Then, she chose to follow her instinct and the communicative drive she felt inside her, dedicating herself to a project of her own.


This is how DesYou came to life: a brand of top-class handmade fashion jewelry, the outcome of a study that starts from the soul and gets to the materials. Thanks to DesYou jewels people can break free from stereotypes, overcoming rigidity and models, voicing themselves through pieces of jewelry that express force and identity.


Jewels and accessories are designed by Emanuela and entirely handmade.


The brand

Every single creation contains a message, telling a side of the character, a personality aspect, a part of the soul. DesYou jewels become interpreters of our way of being, helping us to know and to be known.

Every piece of jewelry speaks and gives emotions to its wearer. Every jewel holds a message.

The philosophy

Combining physicality and spirituality in an object, making the creative force interact with the many facets of the human soul, giving jewels the power to communicate. Behind every single DesYou creation there is an accurate study of sense and significance: from the choice of materials to the geometry of lines, from personal inspiration to conceptual evolution, inside these handmade creations there is a world made of dreams, hopes, passions, desires.

The materials

Her family heritage allowed her to carefully select the most appropriate raw materials to convey a message. DesYou jewels are made of exquisite materials and with innovative combinations. The artist chose to experiment, daring unusual pairings such as plexiglass and Swarovski crystals, pearls and natural gemstones, guardians of a strong symbolism.

The collections

I dream of seeing what I want to communicate being worn

A strong symbolism is at the heart of DesYou collections. Emanuela Stevanella chose to let her jewels speak. While browsing the available models in the shop you will be amazed not just by their appearance, but also by the meaning hidden inside them.

Galactica - lights, dreams, desires

The five-pointed star is an ideogram full of meanings. Stars represent the direct link between the Earth and other worlds. And we often find ourselves gazing upon them, entrusting them with our desires. Galactica collection jewels act as light and guide for the soul towards self-awareness. Earrings, pendants, key holders and bracelets accompany you in a journey to self-discovery.

Mythology bracelets - between myth and reality

A concept connected to the supernatural world, a set of bracelets that link spirit and body, giving energy and strength to it, to communicate and add value to one’s Self. Every Mythology bracelet has a particular shape, related to beauty as well as to the symbol it represents. These jewels go against the flow, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that become an integral part of oneself.

Retrò - accessories that will never go out of fashion

Bow ties completely transformed in shape and size, decorated with French feathers that make them glamorous and sophisticated. Bows embellished with cameos and pearls, to revisit a classic tradition in a modern way and to connect past, present and future. Cuffs in damask, eco-friendly leather or denim, with laces, crochets and zircons, to give a chic touch to outfits.